Card Sharks K

rob final





Here are more process pieces I did for Report on Business Magazine. The art direction shifted as we were reaching the final and at the end it turned out great! It was great to work with Daniel as well who was very understanding.

Hands across the Water K

more final


more sketch

more sketch

Here are the process work pieces I did a while ago for More Magazine. I was truly moved by this story called “Hands Across the Water” I really drew on my personal experiences when creating the illustration. This stroy is about two retired Canadian ladies who saved an Iraqi woman and her children. I am so proud that two Canadian women were brave enough to reach out and save a stranger.

Since I moved away from my country and created a better life in Canada, I feel very attached to this story.

virus K


It’s been a while since I updated my sketchbook. I respect those who fill out their sketchbooks regularly. It is one of the best ways to practice, explore and express thoughts without having restrictions.

red_dots and yellow K



They are not special but I am sure they would lead to something else in the future if I kept exploring. I don’t have a lot of sketchbook pages I admit, but the good thing is I am trying to make more entries with new sketches now.

Ethan K


This is a sketch of my adorable and fabulous nephew Ethan. He really reminds me of when my brother was young. Ethan likes to draw as well. He always recognizes himself whenever I draw him in my sketchbook and that really makes me happy. He might be moving to the States next year. I don’t know how I am going to deal with the distance we will have. However, as long as he is healthy and happy it really doesn’t matter where he is, I will be just as happy as I was living with him.

Published Work K


My work was just published in Annabelle Magazine in Switzerland. I am really pleased how it turned out however, I couldn’t read any other articles because of the language barrier.


Another work was just published as well in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities and Christine (the art director) was fabulous to work with.

Fishing For Answers K

From the Facts and Arguments section of The Globe And Mail

My work was just published in The Globe And Mail. It was an article about a boy struggling to deal with the death of his pet fish and his mother was having a hard time trying to explain a concept as difficult to understand as death.

Below are three of my my process sketches… the art director chose the sketch I liked the most.

Tokyo in Blue and Pink K

I recently finished a piece for Annabelle Magazine in Switzerland. It was for a short story about a Swedish woman falling in love with a Japanese man she met through a Kabuki Theatre. Here are some of the sketches that led to the final piece. In the story the female character couldn’t help but weep at her circumstances and the art director wanted that depicted in the image.

No Parachute Required Opening K

Everyone who came to see No Parachute Required had to deal with the steaming hot gallery but the beer was icy cold so that made it even. It was super great to talk to all of the people who came to see our show. Thank you for all of your support and time!


Hulk K