WORK & LIFE is out! K


Today, I received my copies of the Work&Life. It is an issue that celebrates Canadian illustrators and photographers. It is also available to purchase online from UPPERCASE Gallery

The image below is one that I did for Work&Life and I just received an email that they already sold my art work. Now I can imagine that my art work is hanging in someone’s… living room? bedroom? washroom? Doesn’t really matter where it is as long as they enjoy the art!     


Gas Man K


Here is a sketch I did today- I was having fun with the brush again. It didn’t turn out the way I planned but oh well… that’s fine as well!

featured in 3×3 K


cover of 3×3 illustrated by Chris Buzelli


My work was featured in the recent issue for 3×3 magazine and this issue includes respectable artists such as Chris Buzelli, Fernanda Cohen, Joe Morse, and James Jean etc… I was thrilled to be part of the issue. Personally I think it is a great issue not because I am in it but because you can see amazingly beautiful work from these illustrators. I also enjoyed reading an article from an art director’s point of view on how illustrators promote themselves compared to photographers. Basically the art director says we as illustrators don’t promote ourselves as often as photographers. So whether that is biased or not, putting your work out is crucial for sure as we are visual problem solvers. I try to spend more hours to be the one who knows how to solve the problems rather than making beautiful pictures.

Hurray! New Website! K

Finally, my new website is up. Perry and I spent over a month together redesigning it (over and over). This one is my THIRD one in a year! Well… Now, I hope I don’t feel like changing it for a while… at least a week! It takes even longer when I have to deal with other things as well but the biggest reason was that I was ill for a while… Now, all seems good and I’m happy to be done! 

Thanks to Perry who always helps me with my website. With all the stress and frustration, it ended up taking over a month to be here. But, Hey! it looks fab-dabulous!!

I hope you enjoy all of the new images I put up, see ya!

Sketch K


Ink is my favourite medium when I create images. When I was in high school in South Korea, I was an award winning Chinese Calligrapher. That was when I fell in love with ink and brushes. I hope since I have this *BLING* *BLING* blog… I will post lots of experimental ink work and share it with you! 

New Mailers K

New Mailer

These are the new mailers that I just had printed. I was having fun with new colour palettes. I’m sending out ~1000 this time. Even though it’s time-consuming I kind of enjoy the simple task of applying the labels and stamps. If you want to be put on the list for next time, send me a email and I’ll add your name/company.